Anim8or is FREE 3D modelling, animation and rendering program.

The author of Anim8or is R. Steven Glanville.



My simple projects made in Anim8or:

Rainbow - make texture looking like solar spectrum or rainbow.

After loading file to Anim8or remember to switch on user lights and enable fog.

Smooth color changes are made with lights. Violet on left and right edge uses fog so texture may be "wrapped around" (it's very difficult to set left and right edges with near the same color).

Probably only rendered image looks well so use "Render->Preview" or "Render->Render to File" to see effect.

My Home Page background picture is made using that project.

If You switch off fog and remove left most blue light the effect is like that:

With white fog (and little different fog distances):

With black fog:

More experiments can be done with another lights colors and material properties.



Current (to 0.62) Anim8or version doesn't support shadows, but using simple trick it is possible to make shadows for static objects.

Here is simple an8 project After loading file to Anim8or go to "Scene" mode, select "scene02" ("scene01" is for preparing shadows...). Remember to enable textures !!!

Press "Play" button to see full effect.


Another project - for this page logo picture - uses "rainbow" texture for text and shadows made in similar way (but no animation ...).


Bases of preparing shadows are described in details in Laszlo Korosi's tutorial available on Anim8or's Tutorial Page. Laszlo makes shadows map in Object mode while those are made in Scene mode.


Also reflections are currently impossible to do directly in Anim8or. Lloyd Schoenbach tutorial on Anim8or Tutorial Page describes details of making reflections using Anim8or and Paint Shop Pro. Lloyd's images with nice reflections can be found on Anim8or's Gallery Pages.

In the following example pseudo-reflections are made completly in Anim8or.

The an8 project combines shadows and pseudo-reflections for static objects.

After unpacking zip file load an8 project to Anim8or, go to "Scene" mode, select "scene01" (now scene02 is used for preparing shadows), switch to "Camera" view - remember to have enabled textures and transparency. Press "Play" button to see simple animation....

Such "reflections" are very easy to do although not perfect. Just look at "object03" - and all You know...




Another very simple method for shadows simulation You can find in the next two examples.

Download, unzip, load an8 project file into Anim8or, go to "Scene" mode, select "Camera" view, press "Play" button.

If You want to know how it is done, switch to "Object" mode and look at "object01" and "object02".



The second example have animated pseudo-reflections and shadow.


Currently Anim8or doesn't allow full pathes manipulations in "Scene" mode as it is with splines in "Object" mode. Every knot in path is always smooth.

To get good effect of jumping ball the pathes in scene was modified in text editor . All knots was set as corners.. That allows independent left and right "sides" of knots (or its tangents) adjusting in Anim8or (I hope that will be compatible with future Anim8or versions...). The "bottom" path is a mirror copy of "upper" (all "y'" values negated).

Also "bottom" figure and sequence were made as "mirror" copies of "upper".

Below is small part of that an8 project.

  1. Before modification:
  2. ............

    path { "path02"

    extendable { }

    startframe { 0 }

    bezier {

    knot { (-313.279 25.2683 -0.00002) (22.7642 68.2927 0)

    (-59.6206 2.168 -0.00001) 25 }



  3. After setting knots as corners:
  4. .........

    knot { (-313.279 25.2683 -0.00002) (22.7642 68.2927 0)

    (-59.6206 2.168 -0.00001) 25

    corner { }



  5. And now part of "bottom" path with minus in front of "y" values:


path { "path03"

extendable { }

startframe { 0 }

bezier {

knot { (-313.279 -25.2683 -0.00002) (22.7642 -68.2927 0)

(-59.6206 -2.168 -0.00001) 25

corner { }









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